Do's and Dont's :

 Hardwood floors maintenance

Few things add beauty, dignity and style to a room more than a nice hardwood floor. But maintaining that look is not something that happens without effective floor maintenance. Here are some do's and don'ts of hardwood floor protection and maintenance:

  • Do not use products meant for non-wood floors. These may contain chemicals that can damage the wood. 

  • Do use throw rugs in the doorways to reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked onto your wood floor.

  • Do not let water sit on your wooden floor lest it lose its shine and damage the wood. Wipe it up immediately.

  • Do not walk on wood floors with any kind of shoe that may scratch the wood, such as high heels.

  • Do be careful moving furniture. The improper or careless sliding of furniture across a wooden floor is the number one cause of scratching.

  • Do not forget to clean your floor regularly. 

  • Do contact a wood floor specialist if you have questions about your hardwood floor that you need answers to. Here at Vision Floors, you can call us to answer any question you may have.



Types of hardwood floor

At Vision Floors, we work with all types of hardwood floor: prefinished,laminate, and engineered.

Prefinished Floor: this kind of floor comes already shaped and ready to lay into place once the subfloor surface and areas along the wall are ready. Prefinished flooring saves time and effort from having to individually nail down each floorboard, and to sand and finish the floor.

Laminate Floor: this kind of flooring has the ability to expand and contract with the room temperatures in your home. It's comprised of different layers including melamine and fiberboard, that have been laminated together to give its beauty and protect it from moisture penetration, or other elements that might damage the floor. It also does not need to be nailed into the subfloor due to the unique design it has.

Engineered Floor: these floors are built similarly to laminate flooring with multiple layers that combine to bring a finished piece of flooring. Instead of having melamine and fiberboard, it has layers of plywood underneath it that help give it even more protection and durability than laminate flooring.

Installing this flooring is very similar to laminate floor installation, since this floor has also tongue and groove systems, but it does require just a little more time and work to install to pefection.

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